Reminding You of Your Greatness

Climbing Your Happiness Ladder

Monthly Coaching Program

with Kadian

There is nothing you can buy, inherit, or work hard for in this material world that can help you achieve what you are here for and that’s being in alignment with your own soul. Now, while you're thinking about that, here's a few questions to ponder:

  • Do you want to begin shedding the unfulfilled, disconnected you?
  • Do you want to begin experiencing authentic happiness?
  • What is keeping you from your own personal happiness?
  • Do you want to begin walking in your own light?

In order to begin chipping away at the many barriers that’s keeping you from living the life you came here to live, your own personal happiness has to be met by you. That's right, you read that exactly right, you haven't met your own personal happiness yet.  You don't quite know what that is for you but don't panic, I can help! Happiness is the road that leads to everything in the spiritual and material world.  It is the precursor to everything you truly desire but in order for you to know what you truly desire, you have to know who you truly are.  Most people are operating from a false sense of self due to their upbringing and what society has shown them as happiness so their own personal happiness has not been discovered by them yet.  I can help you chip away at those barriers and open up a whole new path for you.

Climbing Your Happiness Ladder Monthly Coaching Program will facilitate you on your own personal happiness climb.  I will help you with focus along the way, expand your light, assist you in identifying and eradicating patterns, unload unwanted past history, develop your own unique tone, while supporting and encouraging you along the way.

The cost of this program is $500 monthly and includes:

  • 2 (45 min.) phone sessions / month

  • General and customized assignments

  • General and customized Tools for your journey

    There is no minimum or maximum time for this program. When you need me, I am here, waiting to assist you whenever you need me to.  For a month only, two months, every other month, once a quarter, once a year, it is entirely up to you. You pay for what you need. The only requirement is for you to show up ready to work.

    * Any additional phone session(s) will be at client's request and at $225 for 45 min.