Reminding You of Your Greatness

To be in this program: You have to complete the UnCovering You: Full Throttle Program and have:

  • Unloaded tremendously
  • Uncovered your message to the world
  • Found your word

Or By Approval

Throttle On Program

Are you ready to Throttle On?

The Throttle On program is a continuation of the UnCovering You: Full Throttle Program. This program is an intensive soul workout. We will dig deeper into your being by removing more and more layers keeping you from your authentic self, joy, and fulfillment.

We will continue working on:

  • Unloading
  • Refining your message to the world if necessary
  • Your Word, refine its meaning, and make sure it is permeating throughout your daily life
  • Speaking and Living from Your Essence
  • A.I.D.
  • Fears and Challenges

This Throttle On program also includes:

Understanding Your Dominant Soul Traits. I will introduce my concept of Soul Traits to help you come to a deeper clarity and understanding of yourself. We will take a look at both positive and negative traits of your soul that are dominant and how they are impacting your life. You will also learn about Transformers and which one you most identify with - Personal Transformer, Mini-Transformer and Major Transformer. This impacts your vision and your destiny. I will help uncover that as you are moving towards your greatness.


10 Areas Needed for Joy in your life. We will examine each area to see where you are aligned or misaligned, what areas are moving with energy and the ones that aren't. We will work getting all the areas needed for joy charged and moving with energy.

With my general and customized tools and assignments, you will expand your light and spark your creativity as you begin to see and feel your greatness.

This program runs for six or twelve months consecutively. The layout above is only what the program entails and not what you will achieve when the program ends. You are responsible for the pace of the program as well as your priorities.

Length:        This programs runs for 6 or 12 Months consecutively

Cost:             $8,000 for 6 months or $16,000 for 12 months

Deposit:        $2,000 for 6 months or $4,000 for 12 months (monthly payment option)


  • 2 (50 min.) *phone sessions / month

  • General and customized assignments

  • General and customized Tools for your journey

    * Any additional phone session(s) will be at client's request and at $225 for 50 min.
    Payment Options:

    Single Payment - $8,000 or $16,000
    Throttle On Program

    Throttle On Monthly Payment Option- $1,000 
      • 6 months option
        • 1st payment - $3,000 (deposit ($2,000) + 1st month payment ($1000))

      • 12 months option
        • 1st payment - $5,000 (deposit ($4,000) + 1st month payment ($1000))
      • All remaining payments at $1,000 due on the 1st of every month
    Throttle On Monthly Payment