Reminding You of Your Greatness

My coaching experience was exceptionally valuable. It changed my life. A difficult long standing issue with a family member was addressed and solved because of exceptional coaching from Kadian. We suffer tremendously when we refuse to accept the truth of a hurtful situation. I have learned to accept the things I cannot change and let the past be just that. I now live in joy and freedom. I wholeheartedly recommend Kadian to anyone who needs expert coaching. ~
With thanks, Angie

UnCovering You:

Half Throttle Program

UnCovering You: Half Throttle Program, includes everything in the CYHL Monthly Coaching Program. In addition:


This program will incorporate a process I developed called A.I.D. It stands for A.spiration, I.nspiration, D.edication and it will guide you to a greater clarity, focus and vision on your own personal journey. We will work through this process together, identifying where you are spending too much of your time or not spending enough of your time in order for you to get results in your life.


Also, in the six months we are working together, introductory work will be done to UnCover Your Message to the World. You have a message to share whether you're a housewife, CEO of a corporation, healer or teacher.  We will begin UnCovering that message.


When you are not connected to who you really are, you are not communicating and living from that place. I will help you move closer to your core so you can begin Speaking and Living from Your Essence.


With my general and customized tools and assignments, you will expand your light and spark your creativity as you begin to see and feel your greatness. In the Half Throttle program, we will address 1 of your fears and minimize it together.

Length:        6 Months consecutively

Cost:            $6,000

Deposit:       $600 (required for monthly payment option and 3 payment option)


  • 2 (50 min.) *phone sessions / month

  • General and customized assignments

  • General and customized Tools for your journey

    * Any additional phone session(s) will be at client's request and at $225 for 50 min.

    Payment Options:

    Single Payment - $5,500

    Monthly Payment Option- $900 (Total Cost = $6,000)

      • 1st payment - $1,500 (deposit ($600) + monthly payment($900))

      • All remaning 5 payments at $900 due on the 1st of every month
    Half Throttle Monthly Payment Option

    3 Payment Option - $1,700 (Total Cost = $5,700)
      • 1st payment - $2,300 (deposit ($600) + payment($1,700))

      • Remaining 2 payments at $1,700
    Half Throttle 3 Payment Option
    The layout above is only what the program entails and not what you will achieve when the program ends. You are responsible for the pace of the program as well as your priorities.